August 2, 2016

Water Conservation

Water Use Efficiency (WUE)

Water is a precious, limited resource. In the Pacific Northwest, drinking water for our growing population competes with other users that include agriculture, industry, recreation, and maintaining an adequate stream flow for fish. The Washington State Department of Health's Office of Drinking Water requires public water systems to implement water use efficiency programs, striving to ensure a safe and reliable supply of drinking water to meet current and future needs. 

Water systems can help prevent potential health and sanitation risks to their customers by effectively planning and implementing water use efficiency (WUE) measures. This means fewer emergencies when water supplies are scarce, especially during summer months when it rains less and user demands are high.

2016 WUE Report - This is the 2016 Water Use Efficiency Report for Graham Hill Mutual Water Co., Inc.

2015 WUE Report - This is the 2015 Water Use Efficiency Report for Graham Hill Mutual Water Co., Inc.

Stop Water Waste

Stop Water Waste

Click the link above for more water conservation information from the Washington State Department of Health.

Summertime Watering Schedule

If you live on the east side of Meridian (the Mountain Side), you may use outdoor water on even days. On the west side of Meridian, you may use outdoor water on odd days.

Water, Use it Wisely

How much water do we use?

One cubic foot equals 7.48 gallons


 Gallons Used


 20-50 (5-10/min)

 Tub Bath

 36 (full)

 Toilet Flushing

 5-7 (per flush)

 Tooth Brushing

 2 (tap running)

 Hand Washing

 2 (tap running)


 3-5 (tap running)

 Dish Washing

 20 (tap running)

 Automatic Dishwasher

 10-15 (full cycle)

 Clothes Washer

 30-60 (full cycle)

 Outdoor Watering

 5-10 (per minute)

US EPA “WaterSense” web site: 

This link to the Environmental Protection Agency has information on how to conserve water through the utilization of Water Sense technology and environmentally friendly habits.