Bill / Payments

You may make your payments via:

Mail (United States Postal Service)

ACH (See Information Below)

Credit/Debit Card (Online & By Phone/See Information Below)

In Office - You may also bring your payment to the office during open business hours.  Please call the office to schedule an appointment for the afternoon.  The location and address of our Office can be found under the Contact Us Tab.

Online Portal
  Click here  to get to our new online portal. You can view your usage history and pay your bill online.

Account and/or Bill Payment information please contact the Office at (253) 847-8617 or FAX us at (253) 846-9862.  


Automatic Monthly Bill Payment

We have a way for you to pay your bill that is quick, easy and convenient!  Sign up today and pay your bill through ACH with automatic monthly payments from your checking account.  ACH or Automated Clearing House is an electronic payment network.

How it works:

1.  We send you your bill with the balance due amount.

2. You note in your checkbook how much to deduct.

3. You're done!

That's right's that simple.  No stamps, no mail, no envelopes.

To sign up, print and fill out the ACH form using the link below, attach a voided check and return it to our office.  There is a slight cost for us associated with this, so we will be charging a 63 cent transaction fee each month for this payment that will show on your bill when we send it to you.  This is comparable to the cost of the stamp you probably already use every month.

We are hoping that many of you choose to use this payment service.  The convenience, simplicity and security of this automated payment service makes paying your bill extremely easy.  ACH payments are processed around the 5th of each month.  Please call the office at 
253-847-8617 if you have any questions or would like us to mail you an ACH form. 

ACH Form

Phone Pay

Credit Card Payment Service

There will be a convenience fee applied to your payment for using this service. The convenience fee is paid directly to Phone Pay. Graham Hill Water does not receive any monetary considerations from this fee. We hope this service will make bill paying more convenient for our customers.

You must have your account number from your water bill and your credit/debit card in order to proceed.

You will be asked to enter your account number
(your account number is located on your water bill, next to the billing date).

You can pay your water bill with credit and/or debit card via Phone Pay:

  Call Toll–Free: 1-888-296-1208


Water Rates

 Your water bill reflects the base rate of $ 42.75 a month plus all water usage in cubic feet as per the metered water rate.

 Metered Water Rates: (as of October 1st, 2018)

$42.75 plus Usage in Cubic Feet* (Cu/Ft)

($) per Cubic Foot

0 Cu/Ft to 750 Cu/Ft


751 Cu/Ft to 1,500 Cu/Ft


1,501 Cu/Ft to 2,250 Cu/Ft


2,251 Cu/Ft to 3,000 Cu/Ft


3,001 Cu/Ft and over



* One cubic foot equals 7.48 gallons

  • The customer is responsible for all metered water.
  • The rates for non-users (when the membership is paid but the meter is not installed):  $16.00 per month payable annually @ $192.00.
  • The Graham Hill Mutual Water Company’s Board of Directors on October 15, 2013 enacted policy that: Any check returned to Graham Hill Mutual Water Company, Inc. due to insufficient funds will be charged with a $50.00 returned check charge that will be added to the customer billing.
  • A late fee will be added to all late payments and unpaid balances.



Leak Adjustment Policy

If you find a leak on your service side of the water meter, the Company can make a billing adjustment if you request it within twenty (20) days from the date the water bill (to which the adjustment will be made) was issued, and a representative of the Company has verified that the leak was repaired according to Company standards. Only one adjustment will be made per five (5) year period.  Leak Adjustment forms can be picked up in person at the Office or call 253-847-8617 to request a form be mailed to you. 


Senior/Disabled Discount Program

In January of 1999, the Graham Hill Mutual Water Company implemented a discount program for senior citizens or disabled water users. To qualify for the program you must:

  • Be 65 years of age and over or disabled.
  • Have a total household income of $30,000 or less per year.
  • Submit required paperwork and income verification.


Senior/Disabled Discount Rate Structure


Total Annual Income of applicant  and spouse/co-tenant







Base Rate

 $ 21.38*

 $ 25.65

$ 29.92

 $ 34.19

 $ 38.46

 $ 42.75

 400 cu/ft**

$ 4.80

$ 4.80 

$ 4.80

 $ 4.80

$ 4.80

$ 4.80

Approximate Total Monthly Bill

 $ 26.18

 $ 30.45

 $ 34.72

 $ 38.99

$ 43.26

 $ 47.55

    * For example, if your total gross income is $20,000 per year your base rate would be $20.38 a month plus metered water.
  ** 400 cu/ft is an approximate/average amount of water used by 2 people in a household a month. 

One cubic foot equals 7.48 gallons

Please contact the office at (253) 847-8617 for further information. 


Leak Finder Reward

Find and report a leak in our system (other than on your own property) and we will take $25 off of your next water bill once the leak has been confirmed.