About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you, our shareholders, with a safe, dependable and affordable supply of drinking water.

The Graham Hill Mutual Water Company, Inc. is located in an unincorporated area of Southeast Pierce County.

The Water Company is a Mutual Corporation formed pursuant to and regulated by Washington Nonprofit Miscellaneous and Mutual Corporations Act, specifically Title 24.06 RCW.

The Company facilities (2014) consist of three active wells, four reservoirs, and approximately seven miles of distribution pipe.

These physical assets are used to serve 387 residential connections and four non-residential connections consisting of a recreational vehicle park and office; an elementary school, and a church.


About Us

The Water Company operates with four employees and are governed by a Board of Directors composed of 7 members of the water company.  The Directors are elected by the membership on a rotating basis each August at our Annual Meeting of the Membership. The Board of Directors meet every 3rd Tuesday of each month.

The Board creates policies and procedures that are administered by the General Manager and the Office Manager.

The General Manager of Operation Maintenance oversees the daily operations of the Water Company. The Office Manager performs the routine administrative functions including billing, bookkeeping, etc. for the company.

Board of Directors

 Robert Ellison President
Todd Roach Vice President
John Gemar  Director
Mark Lang Director
Sharn Hintz Secretary / Treasurer
Joe Cilley  Director
Jeannie Archie  Director


Vacant General Manager of Operations & Maintenance
Vacant  Water Worker 1
Tina Olson Office Manager
 Vacant  Office Assistant

The Area We Serve


 West: 99th Avenue E          East: 110th Avenue E 

North: 238th Street E          South: 264th Street E